Monday, March 17, 2014

News, Etc.

Obituary: Fashion designer and longtime girlfriend of rocker Mick Jagger, L'Wren Scott, was reportedly found dead today in an apparent suicide in New York.

She and Jagger had been dating since 2001.

Scott, born Luann Bambrough in Utah and adopted by a Mormon couple, was 49 years old (some sources say differently).

This had some information about her background. One of her hobbies growing up was making clothes, and when she left high school, she embarked on a modeling career. She didn't much care for it, preferring instead to design clothes. Scott was fairly well known and successful long before she met Jagger.

She is survived by a brother and a sister who both live in Utah. Her parents died some years ago.

Vulture philanthropy is a cancer that threatens our very way of life and government. Look no further than what these people are trying to do to public education.

At least somebody is calling that billionaire nutball Reed Hastings to task over his anti-democracy comments about school boards.


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