Thursday, March 20, 2014

News, Etc.

Obituary: One-time Democratic Party powerbroker Robert S. Strauss, 95, has died.

He also managed both of President Jimmy Carter's two presidential campaigns.

Has debris from Flight 370 been found?

I don't want to say at this early date "I told you so," but it appears I have.

Gone and hopefully soon forgotten: Controversial pastor Fred Phelps, 84, of "God Hates Fags" infamy, finally died.

I don't know if anybody is going to picket HIS funeral service.

No surprise children in Newark, New Jersey, are being screwed over thanks to evil efforts to privatize the school system.

Look for the filthy fake "Democrat" Cory Booker to be peddled as presidential material.

Another obituary: Lawrence E. Walsh, best remembered for being the special prosecutor in the Iran-Contra scandal of the Reagan years, died long before his time. He was only 102 years old.


On March 16, 1988, a grand jury handed down a 23-count indictment against North, Poindexter and other top administration officials. Each defendant was tried separately.

After the trials of the major figures, Mr. Walsh focused on individuals suspected of having assisted or having falsely denied knowledge of Iran-contra activities, leading to criminal charges against 10 people. Seven were convicted. One CIA official’s case was dismissed on national security grounds, and Bush, who had been Reagan’s vice president at the time of the scandal, pardoned two defendants before their trials.

“By then,” John B. Judis wrote in the New York Times in 1997, “Walsh had become a Lear figure, roaming the moors of Washington, railing privately against Bush, the Senate minority leader, Bob Dole, and his other detractors.”

Mr. Walsh continued to insist that the investigation uncovered information the American people needed to know.


Pearson is another evil outfit that is trying to destroy education around the world.

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