Friday, March 21, 2014

No More Neoliberal Politicians, Especially Fake Democrats

I am sick, sick, SICK of this shit of wanting to destroy education for private gain.

This stunt disqualifies her from the presidential nomination. I don't want these fake Democrats anymore:

Hillary Rodham Clinton, who like Bush is often mentioned as a potential 2016 president candidate, accepted an invitation from sponsors to attend a conference that Bush is co-hosting on global higher education issues. It begins Monday in Irving, Texas.

"This isn't a political conference," Bush, a Republican, said in a telephone interview when asked why Clinton, a Democrat who served as secretary of state, was invited.

"Global" higher education. Fucking neoliberal lingo.

OF COURSE this will be "political." Education by its very nature is political.

One can bet this is all about destroying public colleges and universities for private gain.

Stupid fucker Bush doesn't understand many, many college students work part or full time and take longer to graduate. Many, many college students are not 18-22 years of age but are mature adults.

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