Thursday, March 13, 2014

No Shit, Sherlock

Many teachers won't vest in retirement because districts have made SURE they won't by firing them or forcing them to quit. More and more states are ditching "tenure" or making the probationary period longer so districts can string teachers along until right before they vest. Then they "non-renew"--fire--them. Veteran teachers are more likely to get screwed out of their full pension benefits when district administrators hound them out of their jobs.

ALL states should be like Arizona and have teachers vest from Day One.

However, we know what the motive of this report is, and that is to ditch pensions in favor of shit 401(k)s. That despite the fact teachers already can have their version of them called 403(b)s, and that public employees in many states don't pay into Social Security.

Note who backed this "study." It is Obama's old mentor, the Joyce Foundation.

The assholes at WCSD tried that shit with me. I KNOW HR mistakenly thought I wasn't already vested in PERS, so they decided to railroad me out. I still got fucked over royal, but I had my vesting in Nevada PERS long before the railroad job commenced.

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