Friday, March 14, 2014

NOT Good News

None of this is good news as much as the article tries to spin it as such. The economy is worse here now than it was 30 years ago when I had to relocate to another state. That is the end result of shortsighted policies and beliefs since the late 1960s that said the Rogue Valley should be nothing but a retirement destination for wealthy Californians and their doctors, hence all of the mobile home parks that sprouted up during that era. The medical field is not a good option for most people in terms of jobs because only a certain personality type can stand that type of work being around sick or dying people or people who need operations or routine medical help. For the better paying jobs, it takes YEARS of education to do the work. Clerical work in this field is hardly better, and many people are forced to work odd shifts in order to make a living. Nurse's aides jobs are absolutely horrible and have high turnover. Furthermore, the medical field is even more incestuous than even public education in trying to get a job.

The Rogue Valley needs a major change in direction to expand its economy beyond one or two fields. It's long overdue.

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