Monday, March 24, 2014

Nothing Ever Changes at WCSD

So the Washoe County School District is looking at spending for MORE "implementation specialists" to the tune of 14 NEW positions? They already have WAY TOO MANY of these people doing desk jobs and basically doing nothing. Basically an "implementation specialist" is a makework job for people who have family or friend connections who are bent on having a lifetime job with the school district by trying to get out of the classroom so they will NOT be held to any accountability at all. They also include demoted administrators who the district took pity on instead of firing them and stripping them of their licenses. "Implementation specialists" are not meaningfully evaluated and have none of the pressures classroom teachers face. Indeed, part of their "job" is to further pressure teachers to "perform" in order to meet the utterly ridiculous Common Core "standards." I personally know of former colleagues who took these and other makework desk jobs, including "school improvement coordinator," and "special education consulting teacher" for the central office so they wouldn't have to worry about being kicked to the curb. Time to get rid of these "jobs" and force these teachers back into the classroom.

In other words, no matter who the superintendent is, the "good ole boy" system is still alive and well at WCSD. If you have the "right" connections, preferably family connections, you will be guaranteed a job for life regardless of your ability. People without connections or those over 50 need to have a Plan B career path, especially those unlucky enough to stand in the way of these entitled cretins with connections.

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