Monday, March 10, 2014


The Selling of the President 1968 author Joe McGinniss, 71, has died after suffering from prostate cancer. He is probably better known for his book Fatal Vision, the book about the Jeffrey MacDonald killings. McGinniss came to the conclusion MacDonald was guilty as sin, and most likely he was and is. MacDonald, however, can be pretty convincing in interviews, but then many times killers disassociate from their crimes and may even convince themselves they didn't do it. It's also possible that indeed he was strung out on drugs when he committed the killings and doesn't even remember doing them although McGinniss, when he ended up in court over the book thanks to being sued by his subject, admitted he had no evidence this occurred. In any case, MacDonald is where he belongs.

More recently McGinniss wrote a book about former Alaska governor and VP candidate Sarah Palin.

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