Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Principal of the Matter

Well, some of the mystery has been cleared up about the four principal openings at Washoe County School District that I mentioned yesterday on this blog.

Superintendent Pedro Martinez said that current principals Jason Childs of Palmer E.S. and Ann Marie Dickson of Silver Lake E.S. will be moving over to Lincoln Park and Elmcrest elementary schools, respectively.

Their current jobs are up for transfer bid along with the principal jobs at Roy Gomm and Desert Heights.

There is no mention at all of those job openings.

It appears the low test score rankings of Elmcrest and Lincoln Park, both Title I schools, of course, are the reasons for the changes in "leadership." They are now being added to the "acceleration zone," which is bad, bad news for teachers who work in those schools.

The competition to get out of these schools into "better ranking" schools is going to be tremendous, and ultimately futile, as the goal is to ultimately get rid of real public schools altogether if these "reformers" have their way. The "lucky" ones with political/family connections will get desk jobs and think they have jobs for life.

When they get rid of the principal over Moss Elementary for good and not shuffle her around again, I can die happy.

I may die destitute because of her, but I will die happy.


Martinez said the openings at Palmer and Silver Lake will be filled through the district's normal hiring process. Principals being replaced at Elmcrest and Lincoln Park are open to apply for other jobs.

Martinez said changing principals is tough on families and students but both schools will go through a transition period so all four schools are served.

Martinez said he didn't anticipate major leadership changes this year other than posts that are left open through retirements.

Or principals bailing out of the district altogether like three of them did last year.

Just wait until next year. I expect a lot more shuffling around.

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