Wednesday, March 26, 2014

They Have Way Too Much Money, That's the Problem

There is no use trying to sugarcoat what is wrong with these billionaires and near-billionaires. They didn't get to where they are because they are more talented or more deserving than the rest of us. They just know how to game the system better than the rest of us. They can afford the armies of lawyers and accountants to game the system. They also can buy the politicians to carry out every single whim. And THAT is disastrous for the rest of us. These filthy rich do not know what's best for this country; virtually everything they and their fake think tanks and fake media and fake politicians propose is bad for the country.

When people have that much money, they get screwed up mentally. They get an entitlement mentality that they really ARE better than everybody else. However, to paraphrase what Clark Gable once said about acting and fame, they eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom like everybody else. There's nothing inherently special about these people; however THEY think they are special, and they want to make sure they keep exclusive club of specialness away from the riffraff, meaning the rest of us. They will destroy unions, demonize the poor and starve them, destroy the education system, and do everything else in their power to make sure the masses NEVER rise from what these sociopaths think is their lot in life.

The most dangerous billionaires of all are Bill Gates and Peter J. Peterson because they literally own the White House and control policy. Peterson is the one behind Obama's austerity shit that he attempted with Social Security and Medicare before Obama gave up on it, and Gates, well, he's just even more evil with his attempt to circumvent the law and destroy the public education system in this country for his own ends.

The Kochs are seditious bastards who should be locked up and their assets seized, but they are easy targets because they are so batshit crazy. Bill Gates, Eli Broad, and others are much worse because they appear to be so benign. They are as benign as cancerous tumors.

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