Friday, March 07, 2014

Time for a Change in Direction

Although Bernie Sanders is too old for the job, I'd vote for him for president absent any real Democrat being nominated for the Democratic Party ticket.

Of course he says he's "prepared" to run for president. That doesn't mean he WOULD.

I am so sick of the neolibs wrecking the country--it's time to go back to basics.


I don’t wake up every morning, as some people here in Washington do and say, “You know, I really have to be president of the United States. I was born to be president of the United States.” What I do wake up every morning feeling is that this country faces more serious problems than at any time since the Great Depression, and there is a horrendous lack of serious political discourse or ideas out there that can address these crises, and that somebody has got to represent the working-class and the middle-class of this country in standing up to the big-money interests who have so much power over the economic and political life of this country. So I am prepared to run for president of the United States. I don’t believe that I am the only person out there who can fight this fight, but I am certainly prepared to look seriously at that race.

Please read the whole interview.

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