Wednesday, April 09, 2014

A Movie Icon Dies, and the Vultures Circle

Mickey Rooney died as he spent much of his life, flat-assed broke for all intents and purposes given his fame (assets were only 18 grand), but it didn't take long for the stepkids and the estranged wife to fight over his remains.

Although he was mentally sharp right until the end, the vultures were stealing from him and now are even trying to take control of his body:

After his death, his wife, Jan Chamberlin, and her son, Christopher Aber, contacted Forest Lawn and tried to move Rooney's body against his expressed wishes, Augustine alleged in court papers filed Tuesday morning.

Charlene Rooney said she and Mark received a call from Forest Lawn about the attempt a few hours after Rooney's passing.

"Mickey was not even gone for a few hours, he had just left here on a gurney, and this ugliness started," she said. "Mickey hasn't even seen or spoken to Jan in two years, Chris in almost three years."

Best thing would be to bury him alongside his parents, Joe and Leota Yule. They are buried at Forest Lawn, Glendale.

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