Wednesday, April 16, 2014

An Echo, Not a Choice

After years and years of being in well-deserved obscurity, wingnut extraordinaire Phyllis Schlafly, around 90 years old, is back to her old rhetoric about how if these uppity women have the nerve to make as much as men, they will find themselves unable to find husbands.

I am thinking old Fred, her late attorney husband, must not have left her all that much money when he died. She had been relatively quiet after her successful campaign to derail the Equal Rights Amendment in the early 1980s. Now she's back, but nowadays her sexist rhetoric just sounds pathetic.

Few women have ever have glittering careers like she did; in fact, the only real economic equality that has happened in this country between men and women in the past 40 years is that they are now both equally poor. That's directly due to the rise in neoliberal ideas which undercut unions and the concept of a family wage. Schlafly, of course, despises unions.

As a little girl I remember Phyllis Schlafly, a political activist from way, way back, as the woman who singlehandedly got Senator Barry Goldwater elected president in 1964 with her book, A Choice, Not an Echo.

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