Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Blood Pressure-Raising, Public Education-Hating News

This is the kind of public education-hating propaganda that oozes from billionaire-owned media. Murdoch owns this paper via the Wall Street Journal.

This is nothing short of ignorant, public education-hating propaganda. Why doesn't the MMT, to say nothing of other media organizations, actually hire people who have knowledge of education issues? Going to school for 12 years in public schools is not being "qualified." This article is so infuriating because it is clear the reporter has NO knowledge whatsoever about special education.

The REASON students are in special education in the first place is BECAUSE they are unable to reach benchmarks prescribed for various grade levels. Some students WILL be able to reach benchmarks in some subjects but not in others. Those are typically students who are included most of the day in regular classrooms but get specialized help for language arts or math. They have individual attention, but that doesn't mean these students will EVER reach the unrealistic state benchmarks that continue to be moved by people who have no knowledge of education to try and fail ALL students and render our public schools as "failing" because of ulterior political motives.

I am not even going to discuss students who have more profound disabilities who have adjusted diplomas issued when they complete their individualized programs.

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