Thursday, April 17, 2014

Clark County School District Cheating Scandal

What do you expect when privatizers want more and more results in "low-performing" schools? You are gonna get lots and lots of cheating.

This incident allegedly occurred in 2011-2012 at Matt Kelly Elementary School:

An investigation concluded adults had altered standardized test answer sheets, leading to a dramatic increase in test scores at the traditionally low-performing school. The probe didn't determine exactly who corrected the tests.

A school district spokeswoman says Principal Patricia Harris, Assistant Principal Steven Niemeier and Associate Superintendent Andre Denson have been placed on leave. They could face disciplinary action including the revocation of their licenses.

It's very serious shit if you alter in any way these tests.

More background info:

The education department relaunched its investigation into Kelly when the 2013 test results came out, showing dramatic decreases in students' test scores.

The see-sawing test scores raised suspicions that the 2012 results "may have been compromised," the report said.

The department requested its testing vendor, Measured Progress, conduct an erasure detection analysis on the 2012 test results. This analysis scans bubble sheets to determine the percentage of incorrect answers that were changed to correct answers.

The analysis revealed a disproportionately high number of incorrect-to-correct erasures on the 2012 tests, a possible sign of cheating.

There was also a "climate of fear" at Kelly E.S. Par for the course for school districts in this country. People don't dare speak out for fear of being fired.

The answer sheets were altered AFTER the students took the test, not during it as an anonymous tipster claimed.

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