Friday, April 04, 2014

Let's Hope for a Major Lawsuit

if the silly Vergara case in California goes against teachers' due process rights which they really don't have in the first place.

It's just another step in the removal process of teachers, which districts almost always win, especially if teachers can't afford an outside lawyer, and something few teachers opt to going through. Instead, they take "settlements" which are nothing more than modest little severance packages in exchange for a promise not to sue.

It would be unequal treatment of teachers to single them out but not single out other employees like the male-dominated police and firefighters for denying them the same due process rights.

The right to a hearing should NEVER be called "tenure." Teachers in K-12 do NOT have "tenure," and have never had "tenure," which is a lifetime job after a long probationary period as is done in both public and private colleges and universities to preserve the concept of "academic freedom," something that also doesn't exist for K-12 teachers. Private K-12 schools don't have due process protections because they are private employees. They aren't governmental employees. Because public school teachers are government employees, their jobs are considered a property right, and that property right cannot be denied without "due process."

Of course the con artists behind this case are going after veteran teachers simply because they cost more money.

There shouldn't even remotely be a victory for these dirtbags to begin with.

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