Tuesday, April 01, 2014

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On this memorable day, here are six memorable hoaxes of recent times.

Obituary: Actor and comedian Eddie Lawrence, 95, has died.

Released in 1956 as a three-minute single, “The Old Philosopher” rose into the Top 40 of the Billboard charts. Decades later, it continued to provide Mr. Lawrence (and some imitators) with a flexible framework for comic sketches, commercials and many television appearances. Many people became familiar with the routine, or variations on it, even if they did not know Mr. Lawrence by name. But it brought him new opportunities. He worked as a lyricist, pitchman, actor, writer and director. In the 1930s, he performed in variety shows at the Roxy Theater. In the Army in World War II, he was a disc jockey. Soon after the war, he did impersonations on radio, including on a show with the actor John Marley, and he began recording albums of comedy routines in the 1950s, many of which included versions of “The Old Philosopher.”

Obituary: Noted dancer Marc Platt, perhaps best remembered for his role in the 1954 musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, died prematurely at 100, according to his daughter.

While with the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, Mr. Platt also choreographed the 1939 production of Rodgers' "Ghost Town." He left the company in 1942 to pursue a career on Broadway, where he was chosen by Agnes de Mille to originate the romantic dream ballet sequence in "Oklahoma!"

For many years, Mr. Platt continued to perform onstage and then in movies, dancing with Rita Hayworth in "Tonight and Every Night" and starring as Junior Casady in the 1946 film "Tars and Spars" before landing the role of one of the sprightly and dashing brothers in "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers." Mr. Platt also can be seen as one of Curly's friends in the 1955 film adaptation of "Oklahoma!"

GM is under intense criticism over the ignition switch scandal.

You know, however, nobody is going to go to jail over this.

The good ole boy network is alive and well at Nevada school districts. Misuse of public funds is a firing offense, and it appears the man is guilty as sin hence the demotion.

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