Friday, April 04, 2014

News for Those Willing to Suffer from High Blood Pressure

You can't trust either party to preserve the New Deal and Great Society.

That's how utterly insane our political system has gotten especially over the past eight or ten years.

The USSC might as well have business logos sewn onto their robes for all the use they collectively are.

Yeah, I know it was 5-4, but that is small comfort. It's going to be difficult to reverse this outrageous campaign finance ruling without a constitutional amendment.

Since when does money equal speech? Well, go back to that idiotic Buckley v. Valeo ruling from the 1970s for guidance.

6.7 percent my ass.

Try 25 percent. It's more realistic.

I always said the LGBs never had any political sense, Andy, and forget the "Ts" altogether because they are trying to con everybody into thinking their delusion is normal behavior.

The more outspoken among them are mirror images of those they criticize.

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