Tuesday, April 08, 2014

They've Got Us Over a Barrel

It's pure genius, let me tell you. One of the big "arguments" of neoliberals, wingnuts, and what-have-you is that government is "inefficient," it doesn't "work," and it is the "problem." Then their preferred officials get in there and don't do a goddamned thing or do only things that help the economic elite and screw over the rest of us as "proof" "government doesn't work."

It's win-win for them, lose-lose for the rest of us.

These useless bastards in Washington, D.C., meaning Congress, and that's probably 90 percent and counting, "work" for a few days before Easter recess, and I use that term "work" liberally, and then they take off for weeks on end. Then they return back to "work" for three or four days for a couple or three weeks, then take off another month for a three-day-weekend "recess" for Memorial Day. Then they return back for another three days or four days a week for two or three weeks and take off again for a month or six weeks in July or August for the Fourth of July "recess." Then it's back for three or four days for two or three weeks before they take off in September so these dirtbags can campaign for re-election.

Nice work if you can get it.

Note Congress has only 55 days not to do jack shit before election day. The rest is vacation time and time "campaigning" on behalf of the billionaires/hedge fund crooks/policymakers who own them and con the rest of us to turn over the purse strings to our "betters."

Remember, most of these good-for-nothings already have big bank accounts, so the "work" they do in Washington is merely a hobby for them.

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