Wednesday, April 23, 2014

You Don't Have to Write 700 Pages to State the Obvious,

but it helps. Neoliberal economics has been debunked and discredited again and again, but since our politicians are owned wholesale by the filthy rich, it's going to be extremely difficult to root out.

Unregulated capitalism will lead to revolution, and the rich won't win that no matter how much. There's simply too many peons out there for them to succeed. The key, though, is to avoid such a dire outcome.

In the U.S., destroying the middle class and safety net has been deliberate policy in order for the rich to have everything. It is a sick mentality, but many people swallowed it whole.

Now they are coming after the public sector and pensions. Then it will be the merely rich who will be cannibalized, then the richer, and then there will be only a handful of families--no sovereign countries--who will own everything. That is, if things aren't reversed.

I don't know if I will get the Piketty book or not.

Paul Krugman writes a review of it here including a few shortcomings of the book.

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