Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Details About the SMS Shooting

are here.

No real evidence of bullying; however, the kid supposedly reported being teased at school and was prescribed Prozac. There is no known motive why Jose Reyes committed the crimes at Sparks Middle School.

I think the fact he was on prescription drugs alone may well explain why he did what he did.

The parents will not be charged with a crime. As far as I am concerned, they didn't take enough action to conceal the weapon.

Here is the transcript of the press conference.

In addition to the revelation he was prescribed Prozac, he left two notes that were in conflict of each other:

Two handwritten notes from the suspect were discovered during the investigation. Each note gives conflicting motivation for the shooting.

In one note, the suspect clearly expressed anger with the teachers and students of Sparks Middle School over his belief that he was embarrassed and mistreated at school. He indicated he would get revenge for these actions.

In the second note, written to his parents, the suspect indicated the incident was not a result of shooting games or bullying. He indicated he wished he could change the past, be a better kid and a better son to his parents.

In both notes, the suspect eluded [sic] that his life would end in the process.

This I think is as good an explanation as any why Jose Reyes lashed out:

Psychotherapist appointment with Dr. Mirzaian:

On October 18, 2013, the suspect had an appointment with Psychotherapist Mirzaian. This appointment was attended with his father.

The doctor noted the suspect showed symptoms of a depressive disorder based on feelings of inadequacy in his family and meeting family expectations.

The suspect also indicated that he was being teased at school and specifically spoke about being called “gay” and being teased about “peeing” his pants.

Dr. Mirzaian prescribed the suspect 10 mg Prozac once daily.

Toxicology reports indicated that at the time of autopsy the suspect had a generic form of Prozac, Fluoxetine in his system consistent with the prescription given.

The shootings happened three days later, on October 21, 2013.


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