Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Since the D.C. politicians have no desire whatsoever to better the working conditions of the voters who put them in office or create jobs programs to spur demand, naturally retail sales are going to slump.

When consumers have no money to spend, sales plummet, and when sales plummet, more jobs are lost, which means even more people have less money to spend.

Tell this common sense to Congress. They just blow it off because they want to plunge this country into a third world paradise.


A billionaire nitwit with too much time on his hands talked to a group supposedly supporting professional teachers trying to compare students to appliances.

Death: Singer and actor Herb Jeffries, only 100, has died.

He performed with Duke Ellington.

There are signs that a new "union" movement might be starting in education.

It remains to be seen whether this is too little, too late.

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