Saturday, May 31, 2014

If You Want to Deceive the World You Are Female When In Fact You Are NOT,

don't go around with the last name of "Cox."

Apparently this guy has made the cover of Time trying to tell the world that yes, this emperor really is clothed in the best finery instead of the blatantly naked fraud that he is.

Even giving this guy a forum, let a lone a magazine cover, just feeds his narcissistic delusions. Meanwhile, the rest of us in the world, regardless of political persuasion, continue to be appalled by the 24/7 deceit by the trans community. No matter how often they repeat a lie, it is still a lie. It's not acceptable.

Yes, it's sad he had a hard life and was bullied, but lots of people, both males and (real) females, also have been bullied and don't wind up screwed up in the head, let alone screwed up enough to persuade a doctor to mutilate their bodies and pump them up with drugs and hormones to live a fake reality of what they think constitutes being a "man" or a "woman."

Cox's stump speech in favor of transgender "rights" is called "Ain't I a Woman?" My response: No, you ain't, you stupid, delusional fool.

People, trying to make an identity disorder normal is NOT acceptable.

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