Sunday, May 18, 2014

It's About Saving Money Through Intimidation

That is why "teacher jails" or teachers being put on leave without pay pending a dismissal hearing are done. Because of the concept of "tenure," which doesn't exist in K-12, school districts have to resort to all kinds of tactics to get rid of teachers they happen not to like to avert those "expensive" hearings and civil lawsuits.

Nothing is beyond them to ruin teachers, including accusing them of crimes against children when there is no evidence of it.

Veteran and older teachers are the most frequent targets of this intimidation simply because they cost more money in salaries and in pensions.

There is no more reason teacher jail should exist than doctor jail or fireman jail. For teachers accused of child molestation or other crimes, there is the option familiar in every other area of life: the police and, assuming there are charges and no bail, actual jail. For serious accusations pending investigation, there are leaves of absence. Alleged minor infractions do not require the disruption of classes and lives.

That isn't the point. The point is to get the teacher to quit and save the district money on legal costs.

Infractions, no matter how minor, are enough for insane administrators to destroy teachers' lives. Districts will protect these people no matter what.

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