Friday, May 30, 2014

It's the Mental Illness and Guns, Stupid

Elliot Rodger was not a symbol of anything other than severe mental illness. Unfortunately, younger, self-styled "feminists" have gone on rant after rant after rant trying to take apart this batshit crazy individual's "manifesto" and to claim it is typical of the already deranged "men's rights" mobs. Those MRAs, in turn, are supposedly representative of the rampant "misogyny"--a term I completely and totally LOATHE because it signifies nothing and sugarcoats what should be called "sexism"--in our society.

Meanwhile, people like Rodger go untreated or misdiagnosed and have access to guns. People like him gravitate toward boards like the "incel" or PUA boards, boards by and for misfits looking for validation and reinforcement of their crazy beliefs. However, even in those nutball environments, Rodger stood out with his insanity.

Just because somebody can write 137 pages and be able to cobble together sentences and paragraphs doesn't mean the person writing it isn't batshit. Rodger was. A couple of generations ago he would have been correctly diagnosed and institutionalized. He should have been in today's world.

Rodger hated EVERYBODY, not just the "pretty blond girls" who supposedly "rejected" him. His extreme envy toward the guys who could "get" the girls manifested itself in even more hatred.

Rodger was misanthropic more than he was a "misogynist." It's reflected in his victim count.

The hatred, though, was a symptom and not the cause of his mental illnesses and violence.

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Jess said...

I think perhaps you need to look up the difference between the terms sexism and misogyny.

Sexism is acting/believing/treating people as though one sex is somehow superior to the other by virtue of gender.

MISOGYNY is flat out hatred of women. Rodger hated women for not giving him what he thought he deserved.

Mental illness is definitely at work here, but to say that his boy so full of hate wouldn't have found other ways to exact his "revenge" on those he hated if he didn't have access to guns oversimplifies and dismisses the real problem. Perhaps read his actual manifesto...he wanted to kill all women. The men he killed that day were in the way, not his primary targets. The woman he named in his video is still terrified his online cohorts will come after her.

Misogyny isn't something to be dismissed as sexism. It's so much worse than that.