Saturday, May 31, 2014

People Can Say Whatever They Want

when it comes to the internet, so I can't vouch for the veracity of this claim of somebody who "knew" mass murderer Elliot Rodger in the biblical sense of the term.

A couple of excerpts:

He was fucking obsessed with white women! I guess he thinks since I'm Asian I didn't count. Eventually he would have had one, I've been with guys of every race, except black, my cousin did that and he tried to talk her into being her pimp afterwards, no thanks, probably too big anyways. But Arab, white, black, Asian, Indian, half Asian like him, I've done it, it all happens eventually. I didn't fuck a white guy till the 5th guy and I didn't consider myself a virgin until I did, white people are just one race in this world and not the be all end all. He felt he was a virgin because he hadn't fucked a white woman, not because he hadn't had sex. He came 5 times with me and I'm an attractive woman who has been hit on every day of her life but I'm not blonde, or a "blonde slut" as he so eloquently stated in his rant before murdering six people and killing himself!


He was an angry misogynistic racist self-hating half Asian psycho, but he was NOT A VIRGIN! Fuck Elliot Rodger. They're trying to make him a martyr for the Men's Rights Movement but he was an experienced guy. He just had a couple rejections and blew them out of proportion and went nuts. And he was a normal student, wasn't mentally ill, was just a crazy selfish asshole. He used me and didn't call me, there were at least two times when I was horny and called him and he wouldn't even respond to my text and was probably out being rejected by white women and building up his rage at them while rejecting sex with me. He's full of shit!

Presumably the same person responded to a question about why she hasn't disclosed this to media outlets.

A couple more snips (what I left out was too gross for my sensitive eyes):

I tried them today. I tried 10 outlets. One, I'm an admitted and proud slut and a lot of this is about slut-shaming. They love the story they have, it's selling. One said to call in a month, when it's died down maybe they will want a revamp, but they may just be blowing me off. Trust me, the only reason he felt he was a virgin was because he wanted white women. Blonde white women. I saw him hit on one and he was fucking weird, I'd have rejected him too if he hit on me like that. He had some kind of weird line about are you good to the people you love, can you be trusted, but mixed in with a question about how she orgasms and does she masturbate.


This guy isn't even close to a virgin. I would guess he slept with at least 5 girls before he died, and I guarantee you none were white because he acted like a weirdo when he talked to them.

The story has died down by now, so the chance she could get her fifteen minutes of fame is likely past. There is no chance they'd want to talk to her in a few weeks.

She may not have tried the Daily Mail. It's always looking for some good dirt to dish out.

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