Thursday, May 01, 2014

Peter DeFazio Will Be Re-Elected to Congress

Of that there is no question since the person likely to be his opponent this fall is a certified kook who has sent out some 500,000 mailings asking people to mail urine samples back for some kind of "research project."

I have read the thing, and it doesn't make one hell of a lot of sense, let me tell you.

It's a good way, however, to get those all-important mailing lists for future political endeavors.

Art Robinson, an alleged scientist, has run against DeFazio before and lost.

"Goofy" doesn't even begin to describe this stunt:

But Dean Byers, Douglas County Democratic Party Chairman, said he thinks Robinson's latest call for urine samples will just garner him more ridicule from all sides.

"Frankly, I think he has really shot himself in the foot with some of his past, really goofy statements that he has made," Byers said." There are going to be so many pee jokes going on toward Art Robinson."

Robinson is no stranger to the spotlight. His controversial stance on nuclear power published in his energy newsletter in the 1990s, suggesting the sprinkling of nuclear waste from above to build up resistance to diseases, made headlines last year in Mother Jones and the Huffington Post when he was announced as the new GOP leader for Oregon.

Robinson fits right in with the best of the rural Oregon kooks, but if he somehow got elected to Congress, he wouldn't fit in, even with that body of idiots and crooks.

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