Sunday, May 25, 2014

Wallowing in Self Pity Right Now

As I mentioned the other day, I have been exhausted from having to do the training for Experience Works. I am sure I will need to have my thyroid looked at because I don't have anywhere near the energy I used to have.

Even though this assignment requires a lot of standing, it shouldn't wear me out like this.

Furthermore, I had to purchase a wrist support because my right wrist was in a whole lot of pain yesterday. I am sure I have tendonitis or related shit. I could barely post anything here on the blog, not that there is a whole lot to blog about these days, but it was extremely painful to do it.

I am wearing the wrist support right now. I might have to get a better one later on, but money is extremely tight. It does help me with the typing.

I used to have a keyboard wrist support when I had a computer desk, but that bit the dust when I moved from Reno.

I am going to try and ride the bike today. My nephew has my car to be repaired once I somehow raise the 200 dollars to get the fuel pump, and the bike gloves are in there as are the knee supports and hiking stick. I had to get some new gloves today although they are not bike-specific. They may work okay.

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