Friday, May 09, 2014

Washoe County School District Statement

WCSD issued a statement regarding that "code yellow lockdown" when a parent entered district property yesterday.

Here is the district's side of the story:

Follow Up to Yesterday’s Code Yellow

Yesterday afternoon, the WCSD Administration Building located at 425 E. 9th Street was placed on a Code Yellow lockdown due to a report of an individual (Mr. Larry Dailey) causing a disturbance. A Code Yellow lockdown is a preventative measure used during an incident where heightened security is necessary on or near a school campus or district building.

Below is some background and factual information regarding WCSD and Mr. Dailey:

 Over the last several years, the District has expended many hours of staff time and District resources attempting to meet Mr. Dailey’s demands. These demands have oftentimes been unclear and unrelated to the services that the District provides to his child. These demands are usually made by way of dozens of emails and dozens of telephone calls to various District staff in very short time periods.

 Media reports have included information that the District “lost” a lawsuit to Mr. Dailey last year. That is not true. The District entered into a Settlement Agreement in 2013 with the express purpose and intent “to move forward with a relationship that is positive and problem-solving….and to work with Mr. Dailey to develop a plan moving forward to address any and all IEP-related issues pertaining to his [child].”

 The District believes it has worked diligently to comply with all aspects of the Settlement Agreement. The District believes Mr. Dailey has not met these efforts with a good faith attempt to satisfy the goals of the Settlement Agreement.

 Rather, it is the District’s opinion that Mr. Dailey has continued his pattern of making unclear, procedural-related requests and demands that are unrelated to the services provided to his child, which was the intent of the Settlement Agreement.

 Mr. Dailey has claimed to the media that the District has repeatedly violated laws and regulations. This is misleading. Any violations found by the State of Nevada pertaining to Mr. Dailey’s repeated complaints have been minor and procedural in nature and not related to any substantive services provided by the District to Mr. Dailey’s child.

 In March, 2014, Mr. Dailey filed a Complaint with the Washoe County School District Police Department, alleging criminal bullying by Superintendent Pedro Martinez and other District staff. Mr. Dailey was notified by the Washoe County School District Office of the General Counsel not to communicate with District Administration staff due to his filing of the criminal Complaint. School Police referred the Complaint to the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office for investigation. Mr. Dailey agreed to the referral of his Complaint. The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office found no criminal violations by Superintendent Martinez or other District staff.

 Mr. Dailey received notice that his criminal bullying allegations were unfounded and School Police closed its case on the matter. Mr. Dailey then arrived at the District’s Administration building on May 8, 2014. Mr. Dailey demanded to file a Complaint against the school police officer who referred Mr. Dailey’s criminal complaint to the Sheriff’s Office. After speaking with a supervisor at the School Police, Mr. Dailey was not content. School Police then attempted to schedule a meeting for Mr. Dailey with the School Deputy Police Chief. Mr. Dailey was not satisfied with scheduling a meeting with the Deputy Chief, and refused to leave the School Police offices.

 Mr. Dailey proceeded to various areas of the District’s Administration building, badgering and intimidating various District staff. Mr. Dailey refused to leave the premises, causing School Police to issue a Code Yellow to the Administration Building on 9th Street. Mr. Dailey was then issued a trespass warning. The Reno Police Department was asked to assist in this matter in the event Mr. Dailey continued to refuse to leave the premises.

As a result of yesterday’s incident, WCSD Superintendent Pedro Martinez has issued the following statement:

“There is no higher priority for me than helping all of our children—including Mr. Dailey’s child—succeed and excel. Although we have a record of complaints from Mr. Dailey, none these complaints identify issues that are specific for us to investigate in depth.

“It is unfortunate that these incidents have become a distraction from the wonderful work of our students and staff. I believe this incident has taken the focus away from that positive work, and is instead drawing attention to Mr. Dailey and any personal agenda that he may have. We strongly encourage all of our parents to be involved in their children’s education in a collaborative manner where goals and objectives are clearly outlined and productive problem-solving methods are used.

“Everyone at WCSD is working hard to help our students graduate and connect them to higher education, especially this month as the end of the school year nears. As Superintendent, I have the responsibility to protect and educate all of our children. I am hopeful that Mr. Dailey will begin to provide the WCSD with defined, substantiated concerns so we can work together for a prompt resolution.”


Now I don't know the veracity of the parent's complaints, but I have dealt with parents in the past who would throw their weight around and threaten or intimidate staff. Whatever you do, you can NEVER threaten public officials or public employees. It is a crime. This parent is himself a public employee, so he knows.

The district's statement about a settlement is correct. An insurance payout absent a court judgment is not a "win." Only a judgment by a judge or jury is considered a victory. Settlements are employed in order to free the court's docket for criminal cases, and because of that, the civil system is often abused with unmerited cases filed that are designed to extort a pre-trial settlement, as I know only too well.

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