Friday, June 13, 2014

A Bank Heist by Any Other Name

This is all on Obama, the most anti-teacher president in the history of the United States:

The claims by the Obama administration and other supporters of “education reform” to be defending the interests of children is a transparent fraud. The case, Vergara, et al vs. State of California, was funded by right-wing billionaires and corporate executives committed to “education reform”—a euphemism for the destruction of public education and a further opening of the $500 billion “education market” to profiteers.
Just as the bankruptcy of Detroit has been used to open the floodgates to rob the pensions of public sector workers, the California case will be used to accelerate the wholesale privatization of schooling. At the same time, the ruling class is determined to strip young people of the right to education in order to keep them in ignorance and oppression.
With the “race to the top” program, Obama has gone even further in his attacks than his Republican predecessor, George Bush, whose notorious No Child Left Behind, co-authored by the late Democratic liberal icon Edward Kennedy, introduced the high-stakes testing regime that has been used to close “failing schools” and open charters.
Since taking office, President Obama has overseen the wiping out of 330,000 teaching and other school jobs, the closing of at least 4,000 schools and a doubling of the number of charter school students. New Orleans is now completely a charter school district, with Detroit not far behind. In the last few years alone, hundreds of schools have been closed in Washington, DC, Philadelphia, Chicago, and other cities. In addition to direct funding of charters, the government provides tax breaks to encourage banks and hedge funds to invest in charter school construction.

He is the worst president we have ever had in this country, and we have had some doozies.

There is no use pretending that because he calls himself a "Democrat," he actually gives a shit.

He's a fraud, a tool of the criminal class. So, too, are teachers' union heads and others.

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