Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Animal "Rights" is NOT About Animal Welfare

It's nothing more or less than a radical, insane ideology that borders on religious cultism.

The term "animal rights" is a non-starter because non-humans do not and cannot have "rights." It has nothing to do with "speciesism" but with the simple fact that animals don't NEED "rights." Humans do for the simple reason that human societies are so complicated and complex.

People really need to wake up about this. PETA, HSUS, and their ilk are NOT about animal welfare. They want to abolish 30,000 years or more of animal domestication.

They need to be fought tooth and nail and marginalized as the crackpots they are.

People can start with quit buying into the nutjobs' semantic games about "pet ownership." These whackjobs do not believe people should have pets at all because it is seen as "slavery."

Dogs and cats, through wholesale euthanization which the likes of PETA support and through mandatory spay-neuter, would be eliminated.

Do you really want a world without them?

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