Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Obituary: Actress Mona Freeman, 87, seen everywhere on television and movies in the 1950s and 1960s, has died.

She was also known as the first "Miss Subways" in NYC. She received the title in 1941.

In May 1941, Mr. Powers chose Ms. Freeman as the inaugural Miss Subways. “Vivacious Mona Freeman writes for her school paper,” the placard read. “Her ambition is to be a top notch magazine illustrator.”

Hollywood came calling: Howard Hughes signed Ms. Freeman to a movie contract, later purchased by Paramount. Her film credits include “Junior Miss” (1945), “Black Beauty” (1946) and the trilogy “Dear Ruth” (1947), “Dear Wife” (1949) and “Dear Brat” (1951). Afterward, she appeared on TV shows including “Playhouse 90,” “The United States Steel Hour” and “Perry Mason.”

When her screen career ended in the early 1970s, Ms. Freeman returned to her first love, visual art, and worked as a portrait painter.

If you are anything but rich, today's world absolutely sucks.

Moronic doesn't even begin to describe the judge in the case. He has in effect repealed all administrative law for teachers while allowing it for other public employees.

It'll be pitched out on appeal.

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