Monday, June 23, 2014


Obituary: Steve Rossi, who with his partner Marty Allen, was a fixture on television programs in the 1960s with their comedy act, died yesterday from cancer. He was 82.

Rossi played the straight man and singer, much in the way of Dean Martin, while Allen played the comedy part ala Jerry Lewis.

Marty Allen is still kicking around. He's about 92 years old.

The duo appeared regularly on "The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson" and "The Merv Griffin Show." They also toured comedy clubs nationwide and headlined shows at major Las Vegas casinos in the 1960s until they split up in 1968, the newspaper reported. They also famously appeared on Ed Sullivan's show multiple times with The Beatles.

"Everyone remembers those shows with the Beatles, and they were great, but we appeared on all the shows," Marty Allen told the Sun. "There wasn't a talk show on TV that didn't want Allen & Rossi."

It has been fifty years since the murder of three Mississippi civil rights workers.

Edward Klein should consider retiring from writing.

In my view, the Mormon church has always been a racist and sexist organization, and the main reason it was so against the Equal Rights Amendment is because the men who ran the outfit were afraid women would start demanding equal say in the church, including being eligible for the priesthood.

The church already embarrassed itself with its ridiculous racist attitude toward blacks, and black males in the late 1970s were finally eligible for the priesthood and other positions. The elders weren't about to make the same mistake with women, so they decided to nip it in the bud.

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