Saturday, June 28, 2014

Even If You "Win" a "Due Process" Hearing as a Teacher, You Lose

That's the thing about school district administrators. No matter how outrageously they behave, they or others are going to go after a "reinstated" teacher until that teacher finally reaches the breaking point where he or she can no longer work in such a toxic workplace.

This is one of thousands of stories in the "Naked City" of public education. She "won" but she ultimately lost her career when she was made literally ill thanks to the abuse.

I was involuntarily reassigned to another school for the 2007-08 academic year by anotherformer principal. During that time I served as a “floater” performing a variety of general tasks. After winning the right to return to my original teaching assignment through arbitration ruling, the principal was then reassigned to another school. Before her departure, she assigned me to a disorganized classroom with limited materials, and a disproportionate number of behaviorally challenged students as compared to my grade-level colleagues.

The newly assigned principal began to make frequent “pop” classroom visits. During the
first week of school the Deputy Superintendent accompanied her on two occasions. These
visits were intrusive, extremely unbearable and disruptive because of the way the principal would canvass the room obviously looking for flaws. She would even straighten some students’ clothing and posture while they were completing assignments. During our
feedback conference, the principal mentioned how she sensed my discomfort with her
visits, which was confirmed.

It went downhill from there, and the teacher was made destitute, just like yours truly. The district got mad because this teacher sued in civil court.

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