Sunday, June 01, 2014

Obituary: Ann B. Davis

Actress Ann B. Davis, 88, known for her roles as "Alice" in The Brady Bunch and for her even better role as "Schultzy" in The Bob Cummings Show during the 1950s, has passed away.

Davis lived with a couple in Texas and was in excellent health for her age, but she slipped and fell in the bathroom this morning and never regained consciousness.

When you are that old, a fall can be deadly. At any age, it can be deadly, but age makes it much more risky.

Davis, as I recall, was an identical twin.

As I mentioned earlier, I thought her role in The Bob Cummings Show playing Cummings' assistant "Schultzy" showcased her talents much better than her other television roles. She impressed the right people because she won two Emmy awards for her work on the series.

She spent much of her later years involved in the Episcopal Church.

An episode from The Bob Cummings Show, also known as Love That Bob, a show I have written about on this blog on a couple of occasions:


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