Sunday, June 15, 2014

Of Course It is a Hoax

But the billionaire whack jobs and their henchpeople who are against teachers' unions are against ANY unions at all because any attempt to better the living standards for the masses encroaches on their exclusivity to "their" wealth. Also paying teachers and other unionized workers shit pay means more money for these whack jobs.

These dirtbags really think they are better than the masses. It's a demented way of thinking, but they have an "ideology" that says they are better and have the right to "rule"--lord it--over everybody else.

I disagree with the author of the piece when he says the reason private school teachers are fired at exactly the same rate as public school teachers is that they don't "deserve to be fired." Actually, at least in the public school sector, most teachers fired by principals don't deserve to be fired. Public school workplaces are notoriously political.

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