Sunday, June 08, 2014

Slaves to a Cult

Of course the neolib lovers of Milton Friedman are going to object when somebody points out their ideas about education are full of shit and don't work. They are slaves to a cult of neoliberalism/libertarianism, and you simply can't debate with a cultist.

It doesn't matter that vouchers don't work, are completely ineffective, are unconstitutional, and have little public support. What IS important to the cultists is liquidating ALL public assets because the public sector by definition is "evil" and "totalitarian."

Of course such "reasoning" is stupid, but that is standard neoliberal "reasoning." That would be all well and good if these neolibs were on the political fringe, but unfortunately most of our political leaders in D.C. subscribe to this insane ideology because that is what THEIR donors support.

What they don't get is having corporations and rich people step on everybody else forever is not "freedom." It is slavery and lays the groundwork for revolution.

It is almost a law of nature that the few cannot oppress the masses. There comes a tipping point when the masses will respond, and it's not pretty.

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