Sunday, June 22, 2014

Stay of Execution

(This post was meant for yesterday, but somehow it wound up as a "draft.")

That is basically what the delay in implementing the new teacher evaluations; i.e, instruments of witchhunting, is all about.

If you are a teacher in Nevada, I say this: If you are close to retirement, you better have an exit plan for early retirement. If you aren't you better start training for another line of work, assuming you can ever get another job again in this hellhole of an economy.

It is pure insanity to think that teachers' careers ride on the test scores of other people, those people actually being in control of their own learning (students). No matter how great a teacher is, he or she cannot force a student to learn. Teachers also have no control over outside factors contributing to student learning.

Giving principals even more power to destroy a teacher's career is even more insane. A mere opinion by one of these cretins is enough to destroy one's livelihood, given the fact these dirtbags are not supervised and are backed to the hilt by the district office. Do people even know these principals can literally make up charges against teachers or say they aren't any good, when a good deal of the time these principals were failed teachers themselves who merely got their jobs through connections.

What these evaluations are about with teachers is an attempt to find an excuse to railroad teachers out who
are "too old" or "too expensive" or "too outspoken" or are all three.

Abuse of teachers by administrators is rampant all over the country.

The problem in education isn't with teachers anyway but with lousy administrators who are almost impossible to fire, unlike teachers. "Evaluations" of principals would be basically meaningless if teachers aren't involved in appointing them and can kick them out. Only teachers know how effective principals are; administrators clear across town don't even supervise them and let them do whatever they want.

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