Thursday, June 05, 2014

Totally Insane

Education is not the only area of the law where politicians don't have a clue about child development. It also pollutes criminal law.

Who was the batshit crazy politician who deemed that 12-year-olds have the same mental capability as adults when it comes to violent crime? I can't believe it.

Those two girls who nearly killed another girl who was the same age should be tried in juvenile court and charged with the crime. Under NO circumstances should they be tried as adults.

Yet you get people like Nancy Grace or Dr. Drew who know better and blather on and on and on about how young girls and boys can't "consent" to sex with adults, yet supposedly young people are supposed to know all about consequences of what happens with violent crime, especially if they were influenced by violent video games.

Absolutely batshit crazy. The whole argument for a different standard for children under 18 is they don't have the mental capacity of adults, especially when it comes to abstract concepts like consequences. They can't be considered not mature in some instances while mature in others.


According to the police report, both girls expressed remorse for the stabbing during their interrogations. Asked if she knew what it meant to kill someone, Weier purportedly responded, “I believe it’s ending a life and I regret it.” She also reportedly told the police, “The bad part of me wanted her to die, the good part of me wanted her to live.” Geyser reportedly stated that what she did was “probably wrong.”

The girls are accused by Waukesha County District Attorney Brad Schimel of plotting since December of last year to kill their classmate during a birthday sleepover. They were allegedly inspired to commit the murder by reading about Slenderman, a fictional character that the two sixth graders followed through the paranormal and horror microfiction web site,

This case is ripe for appeal or a major plea bargain. For example, how many kids even know what "Miranda rights" ARE, let alone know whether or not to invoke them?

A decent lawyer should have an appeal ready.

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