Thursday, June 12, 2014

Vergara is a Load of Crap

WSWS has some commentary here about this corrupt, ridiculous, half-baked decision:

The attack on teachers’ tenure and job protections is part of an agenda, spearheaded by the Obama administration, to dismantle the public education system. Education Secretary Arne Duncan immediately praised the California ruling as creating a “mandate” for similar attacks on teachers’ rights across the country. The ruling created “a new framework for the teaching profession,” Duncan said, including a process for firing teachers that is “fair, thoughtful, practical and swift.”

At least in California, there is a three-person panel. In Nevada, it is only one person, an "arbitrator," who can destroy your career and can be easily on the take.

As we know, both Obama and Duncan are puppets of Bill Gates. Both should be impeached for their education policies alone.

My comment:

Until people have actually gone through these sham hearings and "lost," they should NEVER comment on something they don't know anything about. I am not referring to WSWS, either. I am referring to this judge, who obviously is on the take.

Principals have ALWAYS had the unilateral ability to destroy teachers' careers and destroy them without any accountability for their actions. Teachers' careers are constantly on the line because far too many principals are sociopaths. In the old days, few principals fired teachers unless those teachers really merited it because they knew that removing a teacher undermined staff morale and the right of students to have a stable classroom environment. Just because principals DIDN'T fire a lot of teachers in the past doesn't mean they COULDN'T do it.

Teachers have NEVER had "lifetime" employment. They actually don't even have "tenure," a term that has been falsely applied by some states for something that amounts to the identical civil service protections as other public employees.

All teachers have is the "right" to a sham administrative hearing, which few teachers take when a principal "recommends" them for "dismissal." Instead, they opt for severance agreements called "settlements" in exchange for the right to sue a school district. School districts LOVE these agreements because it saves them money on both hearings and lawsuits in civil court. They typically starve teachers out for months and months until the teachers capitulate to these "agreements." Of course, many school districts will then make them "no rehires," which in effect blackballs them from working in any other school district anywhere in the country.

It typically takes only a personality conflict with a principal for a principal to "target" you. Principals don't even have to "dismiss" you but try to force you into quitting.

Teachers do NOT have real protections and never have.

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