Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Washoe Superintendent Martinez is Right About the Principals

WCSD's principals are for the most part total crap, and most of them got their jobs through connections. The good ones left long, long ago, when they had sense enough to retire. They aren't meaningfully supervised, which is why they pull their little crap on teachers with the knowledge NOTHING will ever happen to them. To add insult to injury, these idiots have a bargaining unit--a UNION--which should be against the law because they are management. A union is supposed to be only for the people on the lower end of the ladder to try and get a level playing field with management. As it is, these principal "associations" make it virtually impossible to dump these morons and head cases. Instead, they get moved around or are given second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, or seventh chances. Teachers are dumped or railroaded out with the greatest of ease regardless of how long they have been there. No "second chances" for them unless somehow they have big-time connections or have access to a battery of lawyers.

Martinez is right: It takes an act of Congress to get rid of principals, unlike teachers, who are ruined for the pure hell of it and their hearings rigged affairs and jokes, if they avail themselves to them. If a principal commits sexual misconduct with staff, hey, WCSD doesn't fire the perpetrator and yank his license like is done in other states--no, he gets "demoted" and embarrasses the school. When kids start asking teachers questions about somebody like this, something the hell is wrong.

A principal can violate state and federal law, and blatantly disregard WCSD regulations on FMLA, literally not even read a letter that stated the regulations and of which she had a copy, or literally sit on her ass and do nothing while letting her little goon squad do her dirty work for her while she gallivanted around talking about all the great things she was doing at "her" school. Do you think WCSD does a damned thing to the principal but move her around from job to job to job? She should have been fired by Paul Dugan, but no, he KEPT her, slapping her wrist and moving her to an "easier" school than the Title I school she had "worked," and I use the term loosely. A private business would have thrown her out on her useless butt. Martinez moved this idiot from the central office to a principal job after Morrison put her in there after she had been principal in at least two other schools. A total failure as a principal and as a human being. I don't know why Martinez didn't do a better job of looking into her background because she is completely incompetent, totally narcissistic, a person who will throw you under the bus to cover her ass. But get rid of her? Why hell, no--it's the TEACHER who is financially ruined forever while this dirtbag keeps her job, pads her pension, and pretends nothing ever happened.

At least two principals in the past two years were either fired outright or forced to resign: the principal at Mendive and the principal at Lemmon Valley (I didn't include the departure of the principal who failed to disclose a felony conviction in another state). Others opted to "voluntarily retire" or got the hell out of Dodge and took other jobs. I can say what the Lemmon Valley principal did, as bad as it was, was not as bad as the one I had that I mentioned in the previous paragraph. Yet she was forced out while the goon I was stuck with is making 100k a year and padding her pension.

It's time to do a major housecleaning of principals at WCSD. When I say "housecleaning," I mean just that. No more promoting, demoting, or reassigning them. FIRE them when they screw up, and especially when they illegally attempt or succeed in taking away teachers' livelihoods.

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