Friday, July 04, 2014

If the NEA Called for Obama's Resignation,

it would make international headlines, let me tell you. But calling for only Dipshit Duncan to step down will mean absolutely zilch. First of all, nobody gives a shit about education news despite the fact the future of the country is at risk with these "reformers," and second of all, even if Duncan were to step down tomorrow, Obama would pick another Bill Gates puppet to replace him.

The problem is with Obama. Obama despises public education. Period.

Anyway, a snip:

NEA has had a tense relationship with the Obama administration, and it's unclear how this will affect the union.

For years, as Education Week has reported, the NEA has vented its frustration with President Obama by essentially taking it out on Duncan. This strategy has allowed the union to criticize the administration without looking foolish, especially during the 2012 re-election season—after all, the union has never once endorsed a Republican presidential candidate, and had no choice but to throw its weight behind Obama.

But it's also important to note that California is one of the most populous of the state affiliates, and each year submits a large number of the NBIs that are debated. Last year, sources say, the CTA submitted 36 of the 92 total NBIs.

Again, the problem is with a teacher-hating neoliberal president who is a fake Democrat. He and Duncan should both be impeached over their illegal education policies.

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