Tuesday, July 08, 2014

If Obama and Duncan Were Sincere About Helping Title I Schools,

they would use tax breaks or student loan forgiveness or bonuses through grants to encourage experienced, highly-qualified teachers to work in Title I schools. Of course, many of them already do, but it is true that these schools tend to have an abundance of inexperienced teachers working in them.

As an aside, this sounds inconsistent with the administration's apparent support of TFA and other scab organizations designed to undermine the professional teaching force.

However, we KNOW Obama and Duncan couldn't give a shit less. They want to undermine negotiated agreements and local control by employing sneaky shit to try and get rid of older, more experienced teachers by dumping them in schools where transience is high and incomes are low. The test scores are lower as a result, and the administration wants to see those teachers gone.

It's completely illegal and unconstitutional, to say nothing of it being insane and ignorant.

Again, it's time to impeach these two bums.

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