Monday, July 14, 2014

Lowest of the Low

You can't get much lower than Arne Duncan and Barack Obama when it comes to education issues. They keep peddling debunked and discredited ideas about our public schools being "failures" and our students "unable to compete" because of "low expectations." Of course they are tools of Bill Gates and others who have bribed them and have taken over education policy in this country.

I agree with this comment. Obama and Duncan can't leave soon enough for me:

I’m counting the days until Barack Obama leaves office. We will then have 16 years of the worst leadership of our country. Can our country survive until January of 2017? It seems like a long time to me. I’m not a George Bush fan either, but Obama has to be one of the worst presidents of all times. I never voted for him either time. Actually, my husband and I left the Democratic party when he was nominated for president. We both could tell he was not a smart man. I also question if he truly loves the U.S. His actions tell me that he hates the U.S. and its people. I don’t agree with the Republicans either…..Both parties have done a lot of damage to our country.

Our country is in bad shape. Education is the last thing on their agenda to ruin. Healthcare and everything else has been ruined. This is the last item to check off. I’m afraid Obama has enough time left in his presidency to completely ruin public education as we know it. I hope I’m wrong…but, I never thought I would see things this much out of control. We are in a Twilight Zone. I tape that show on my DVR, because I feel we are operating in the Twilight Zone. My kids love that old show that my husband and I watched as kids. Thank you for all of your comments….Diane’s blog helps me to cope with a profession gone bad. We must all stick together and support one another. Diane’s blog helps us to achieve that goal.

The only reason the profession has gone "bad" is by design.

Duncan and Obama are merely mouthpieces for the insane billionaire class who owns them.

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