Monday, July 21, 2014

Number One Rule in Education: Trust No One

especially not the principal. This simple truth is never taught in any education school in the country, but if people knew that before going into a teacher education program, they would NEVER become teachers.

As a teacher you cannot trust anybody, not fellow teachers, not mentors, and certainly not principals and other higher-ups. Fellow teachers will turn against you on a dime, especially if they are pressured or threatened by principals. A principal is NOT your friend but your foe, and you must realize that a principal has all of the power while you have NONE as a teacher. You have NO rights at all, fake "tenure" or "due process rights" notwithstanding.

You wind up living in a climate of fear and distrust. No other workplace is this oppressive and has the possibility of destroying your livelihood forever.

Not worth it at all.

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