Friday, July 18, 2014

"Principal of the Year" is the Kiss of Death

Smart move on the part of the Spanish Springs High School principal to go to another district and resume a career.

It appears, though, in part a shorter commute may be the reason she decided to move to another district.

I am sure the ones not smart enough to get out of WCSD and have been there awhile are about near the end of their careers. I don't mean the ones about to retire, either. I am hoping at least one of them is on the way out although she still acts like nothing ever happened despite having gotten away with murder.

Seems like Pedro Martinez means well, but his hands are tied. It may be next to impossible to remove the "good old boy" network.

Note: I fixed that second link. It had been a duplicate of the first link, so I put the correct one in. I was obviously referring to a different person.

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