Monday, July 28, 2014

"The Worst" is Apt for the Washoe County School District Board of Trustees

AND the district, for that matter.

Calling the board the worst elected body in Nevada might actually be kind. The district is lawless, hopelessly corrupt, when it forces out people they don't want.

From the column:

Not so fast, whisper the school district’s supporters and some trustees. There’s more to come on Martinez. He’s really made horrible missteps.

Oh? Well, perhaps you should have told us about those before you broke the Open Meeting Law – perhaps the most blatant case I have ever seen – and then acted with the heaviest of hands using an obvious pretext (the CPA asserton) to try to fire him.

These are the only elected folks in history who call a news conference after shredding the Open Meeting Law to announce they had fired someone after first tweeting the news – tweeting! – and then back off the next day insisting he was only put on administrative leave.

Martinez’s story, now embedded in a lawsuit, is much more believable than anything said publicly or privately by board members. These laws exist for a reason. Employment contracts exist for a reason. Common sense exists for a reason.

Yeah, they exist, Jon, but the district doesn't follow them. Their shysters tell the board and the administrators that it's okay to break the law because the aggrieved party can sue, if the person can find a lawyer. That's NOT what people entrusted with taxpayer money are supposed to do, but they don't care. It's not their money.

I went through the same thing as Martinez, so he is telling the truth. I simply didn't have the money or the knowledge of the law to be able to fight back legally.

I wish I had.

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