Wednesday, July 09, 2014

They Literally Make Shit Up

"They," of course, is the United States Supreme Court. The majority are either members of or are connected with the fascistic Federalist Society which seeks a way to screw over the American people to benefit the rich, even if they have to make stuff up and disregard precedent.

The Hobby Lobby decision literally undermined the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Now non-religious, for-profit businesses are free, under the phony-baloney guise of religious conscience, to openly discriminate. It won't stop with contraceptives or any kind of medical care, either.

The majority is so stupid and corrupt, they don't realize that as Catholics they, too, will be discriminated against if we take this decision to its "logical" conclusion. There are many, many so-called evangelicals who utterly despise Catholics, and don't think for a minute this kind of thing won't happen.

The Hobby Lobby and Wheaton College decisions herald the return of even more sinister “rights” of employers. After all, it was once the case that proprietors claimed the “right” to exclude Jews, or the “right” to refuse to serve blacks, or the “right” to refuse to hire or promote women. “It is my private property,” the proprietor would say, “I have the right to do what I want with it.” By upholding the employer’s supposed “right” to deny health care to women, the Supreme Court invites an attack on every democratic reform that was achieved over the past century.

"Libertarians" are really big on that shit. They hide behind the fig leaf of "property rights" to act like racist and sexist assholes. They don't get it through their thick skulls that everybody in our society is interconnected, and there are consequences to treating people like second-class citizens.

It isn't all about you and your selfish whims--it's about the greater good.

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