Thursday, July 31, 2014

Trusteegate: It Just Gets Better

Washoe County School District has the goddamned nerve to ask the Nevada Attorney General's office to put a 30-day stay on its investigation so the district can take "corrective action" AFTER they get busted for violating ousted superintendent Pedro Martinez's contract and the Open Meeting Law. This is ALL about covering up and falsifying even more charges against Martinez.

It's too late for that. Nobody but the most dimwitted of the district's 8,000 employees is fooled anymore.

It's just unbelievable.

In the letter to the Attorney General's Office, Drake said Nevada law allows public bodies to take corrective action for violations of the Open Meeting Law, "without fear of confounding themselves with an investigation or prosecution." As a result, Drake wrote, the investigation into Open Meeting Law violations should be stayed.

But Barry Smith, the executive director of the Nevada Press Association, said the intent of that 2013 provision is for minor infractions of the Open Meeting Law. That would include mistakes such as listing the wrong date on an agenda, questions about quorum during a vote or a public body adjourning before asking for public comment.

Smith said the intent was not to protect a blatant violation or to correct something to avoid litigation.

The district wants to be able to do anything it wants without consequence.

This is the way this corrupt outfit has ALWAYS operated.

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