Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Washoe County School District Gossip: Is He or Isn't He Fired?

Sounds like the Board of Trustees were trying to get Pedro Martinez out on a technicality.

He said he started his day with meeting with the President of the University of Nevada, Reno and Truckee Meadows Community College. He then went to a workshop on ethics with school board trustees Tuesday morning.

He said during a break around 11 a.m., Board President Barbara Clark approached him. He said Clark told him there has been an accusation that he was not a certified public accountant and the community was under the impression he was a practicing CPA.

All a technicality or a minor thing after there was all of this bogus outrage over the dumping of police chief Mike Mieras.

The license clearly shows he's a licensed CPA although he wasn't acting as a CPA in Nevada.

The district is such a lying sack of shit.

This board has pulled the same shit the Medford School Board tried with Superintendent Phil Long. Although the members didn't have the votes to fire him, Long did decide to retire after some thirty years with the district.

Of course they have broken the law, but since when does this district--WCSD--ever follow it?

According to the Open Meeting Law as cited under NRS 241.031, "a public body shall not hold a closed meeting to consider the character, misconduct or competence" of certain public officers, including "a superintendent of a county school district".

Peterson said the Washoe County School District Board of Trustees have the ability in Martinez's contract to go in a different direction and terminate his employment.

"But to gin up a for-cause termination for whatever reason and to implement that strategy in my view -- although I have not all the facts yet… is extremely disturbing not only as an lawyer but as a citizen of the community," he said.

Those two methods include the following processes: A 10-day notice for termination for cause that includes a public hearing or a 90-day notice for a mutually-agreed termination that includes a severance package.

There is no doubt this board is incompetent and corrupt.

Now the board says he is on "paid leave" and not fired.

What a monumental fuck-up this has turned into, and it's all about protecting one or some of "their own."

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