Saturday, July 26, 2014

Washoe County School District Gossip: It Doesn't Matter

It's too late, Barbara, for spin. Your board violated Martinez's contract and broke the law. You as an attorney by trade should know that. It doesn't matter what you claim is the "reason" you got rid of him since it is your board that is the problem. No matter what you claim he did or didn't do, even if true, you can't be believed. It doesn't matter what comes out in a hearing because so many of us know your district and your administrators LIE to save face. They will perjure in order to cover up. They will forge documents or put in outdated ones to cover up. They will suborn perjury to cover up. Indeed, perjury doesn't even exist in the sham tribunals since liars can't be criminally charged. The district will cut deals with the "association" and its lawyer to cover up. The "dismissed" employee doesn't have a prayer without outside counsel, and even if reinstated, that person has a target on his or her back for the rest of his or her career. Those who are booted out for no real reason at all other than posing a threat to incompetent or vindictive administrators have to pay economically for the rest of their lives over something the DISTRICT has done. More than a few of us are onto you.

It's going to cost the district megabucks. Sooner or later your corrupt district and its corrupt methods of getting rid of employees by disregarding district procedures, negotiated contracts, administrative law, state law, and federal law was going to come out in the open. You and the other five members of the board responsible for this fiasco need to resign.

As noted in the RGJ, the board pulled the agenda item scheduled for this coming Tuesday regarding Martinez's employment, postponing it for a later date.

No doubt they knew an injunction was imminent.

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